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 "To serve Law Enforcement"

     Established in 1987 in San Angelo, Texas  for the specific purpose of producing remanufactured and newly manufactured ammunition for use by law enforcement personnel, Concho Cartridge was incorporated in 1988 and obtained its registered trademark in 1992. At various times the company has served every major law enforcement contract in the state of Texas as well as servicing the annual contracts for the TABC, Texas Prison Systems, Texas Parks and Wildlife and three regions of the DPS.  

     Cam operated indexing machines are used exclusively in our line of work. Motors instead of muscle provide the consistency and uniformity needed by our customers. We have developed an entire engineering process to manufacture ammunition (open cycle heat generating adiabatic engines). Since we manufacture millions of rounds of ammunition annually, we had to develop ways of processing the brass, bullets, etc. expediently and economically. It took approximately 5 years to develop a system that could reliably generate the volume of product we needed to fulfill our contracts. Thankfully, now our organization is one of push buttons and our attention can be focused directly on the things that demand our full attention , our customers. As you can see our secretary is busy at work.

    This site is still under construction. Please be patient as we grow and continue to update this information to better serve our customers.



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